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Jupiter fire ball caught on tape

Source: NASA Source: NASA

Astrophotographer George Hall caught on tape an explosion on Jupiter.  Check out the image from a movie file he took early morning September 10th.  On the left of the image is that explosion. 

Hall recorded the image overnight and didn't realize it was on video until he saw another astronomer post on forum that he observed an overnight explosion on Jupiter.  Hall went back to his video and discovered he caught the explosion on video.  Hall maintains a website called George's Astrophotography.

SpaceWeather.com says "The fireball was probably caused by a small asteroid or comet hitting Jupiter. Similar impacts were observed in June and August 2010. An analysis of those earlier events suggests that Jupiter is frequently struck by 10 meter-class asteroids--one of the hazards of orbiting near the asteroid belt and having such a strong gravitational pull." 

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