Drought conditions continue to improve in Arizona - Tucson News Now

Drought conditions continue to improve in Arizona

Monsoon rain has piled up in Southeast Arizona.  The image below is from the Tucson National Weather Service.  When the blue line reaches above the green line that shows Monsoon 2012 rainfall is above average.  That's the case for nearly every location in this area. 

As the rain fell, drought conditions weakened here in Arizona.  The U.S. Drought Monitor update for this week is below.  Drought is still gripping the state but it's not quite as severe as the start of the monsoon for much of Arizona. 

Below is the US Drought Monitor from June 11, 2012.  This shows the drought conditions going into the monsoon on June 15th.  Much of central Arizona is classified in Extreme Drought.  The only area not in a drought was the extreme southwest corner of the state. Compare this update to the one above.  Going into the monsoon Arizona had stronger more severe drought conditions for much of the state. 

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