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Hangover 3 takes on Nogales as Tijuana

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NOGALES, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

Whether people knew Nogales would host the Hangover 3 or not, plenty of them know about the Hangover movies and will be watching, even if their city will be cast as somewhere else.

One well-known part of both Hangover movies is "The Wolfpack."  The character Alan creates it in the first movie: 

"I just added two more guys to my wolfpack," he tells the others, to which they chuckle in acceptance.

The Hangover is known for outrageous characters and crazy situations.  Fans are ready to see The Hangover 3 made in Nogales, even if the movie is set in Tijuana.  Some people, such as Jackie Celaya from Rio Rico, ventured to Nogales Friday in hopes of seeing the cast.

"I would be crying, I wouldn't know what to say," she responded when asked what she would do if she saw Alan.

The movie's so well known most people out on Morely Avenue knew what to say about a key part when they were asked, "Are you in a wolfpack?"

"Yes," Celaya said to the laughter of her friends.

"I am, I'm willing to cut my hand open with Alan," said her friend Daniel Perez.  "I'll bring my own knife and everything."

"I'm a fan of the hangover movies, I love that movie, so it's great that it's going to be, like, in Mexico, you know?" said Dante Talavera from Nogales, Sonora.  When asked if he was in a wolfpack, he responded, "Yes, I'm part of it."

Although she saw the first Hangover, Gloria Fierro from Tucson needed a reminder at first.  Once she remembered the wolfpack, she laughed, and then said, "No."

Crews are working to have things finished Saturday, so that shooting can begin Sunday.

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