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Mormon Temple to be built in Tucson

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TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

Plans are underway to build a Mormon Temple in Tucson.

In this Tucson Mormon Church the announcement stunned the congregation as they watched it broadcast on this big screen. Church members heard what they call a blessing: plans for a temple to be built in Tucson.

"Anywhere that they build one is exciting, especially here in our home," said Mona Early, a member of the Mormon Church.

The temple is a private place of worship. It's where its members go to find peace in their hectic lives. Church leaders say temples are so sacred, only its members are allowed in.

"It's reserved as you will for those trying their best to live according to the commitments they've made," said Stake President, Todd Polley.

This will be the sixth Mormon Temple in Arizona. It could look similar to the one in Gilbert, AZ. The inside will look like an average church with pews. It will even have classrooms. For its more than 30,000 church members in the Tucson area - this means less traveling.

"It will make it more convenient and hopeful we'll be able to go more frequently," said Landon Mauler, a member of the Mormon Church.

Lex Schau said "It seems like it will be a good thing for the community."

"I think it will enrich the lives of the people who are here that are Mormon," said Sarah Kerr, a Tucson resident.

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