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Tucson Fire paramedic rescues man from possible drowning

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

A 58-year-old man nearly drowned Sunday night at Kennedy Lake on Tucson's southwest side, but he was rescued by a Tucson Fire paramedic who waded 50 yards into the darkness to save him.

The man was night fishing in the small urban lake off Mission Road around 7 p.m. in a shallow boat with one oar. When he dropped the oar into the lake, he fell into the water, trying to retrieve it, Capt. Jeff Langejans said.

The fisherman capsized the boat when he tried to pull himself back in and starting screaming for help, Langejans said.

Tucson Fire responded after 9-1-1 calls from bystanders.

The man was wearing some kind of crude floatation device, Langejans, and stayed above water until the paramedic found him.

The paramedic brought the man to shore, where he was evaluated and given a ride home, Langejans said.

"The safety message is: Do not go near the water alone, especially at night," Langejans said. "Bring a friend.

"Had there not been anyone around to hear his cries for help, this could have resulted in a tragic ending."

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