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CD3 candidates debate in Tucson

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The candidates in one of Arizona's newest congressional contests faced off in a debate Tuesday night in Tucson.

Republican Gabriella Saucedo Mercer and Libertarian Blanca Guerra are challenging CD3 Democrat Raul Grijalva in his effort to return to Washington.

During the debate they discussed a variety of issues, immigration being a big one.

The candidates all agreed on the importance of border security, but when it comes to immigration they different opinions. 

Congressman Grijalva and Guerra want to work on an immigration reform plan while Mercer says she supports legal immigration and believes people should apply from their home country.

Another big issue, healthcare.

Mercer says she wants to appeal the Affordable Health Care Act, while Representative Grijalva is for it.

But the most talked about issue was the Economy and the need of jobs.

"It's critical all over the country and its particular critical in district three because our unemployment rate is 4-5% higher than the rest of the nation," said Rep. Grijalva.

"We have the brain power here but jobs are not coming here because we are not business friendly," said Mercer.

And for Guerra it was the same. "We have one of the highest unemployment rates since the Great Depression and we need to create jobs."

Voters will decide who they want in office on November 6th. 

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