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Nogales PD report on deadly border shooting

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NOGALES, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

New details on the Nogales border shooting that killed a teenage boy in Mexico.

The Nogales Police reports are out with details about happened last Wednesday night when 16-year-old Jose Antonio Elena Rodriguez was hit by shot fired by at least one Border Patrol agent.

It happened along the border fence between Arizona and Mexico.

A paved road runs along the fence on West International Street, west of downtown Nogales.

A residential neighborhood sits on that road.

Nogales police who were there filed their reports about what they saw and heard that night.

Nogales Police Department Lt. Carlos Jimenez was not involved in the incident, but provides details.

"Our 911 center received a call from some residents there of some suspicious males in the west International area. They were carrying what we refer as bundles--or backpack type stuff."

The bundles contained marijuana and were left behind. @

Two men, running through the neighborhood, headed toward the border fence and began to climb it.

They ignored Border Patrol agents' and Nogales Police orders to come down.

"It was around this time that they started hearing things and started noticing that rocks were being thrown at them from the Nogales, Sonora, Mexico, side. They kind of backed into an area where they couldn't get hit by rocks," Jimenez says of his officers.

Jimenez says the rocks were about the size of baseballs.

In his report, a Nogales police canine officer says that as the rocks were flying he was trying to protect his dog and, "As I tried to get cover between a brick wall and small dirt hill, I heard an agent say, 'Hey your canines (sic) been hit! Your canines (sic) been hit."

It would turn out, the dog was not hurt.

"As they were in that general standby mode an asking for assistance from other officers and also to contact the Nogales, Sonora, authorities to respond on their side to help out, that's when they heard gunshots go off," Jimenez says.

Another officer writes in his report,"I heard a loud noise which I identified immediately as a gunshot, and following after, several more gunshots."

Rodriguez, suspected of being a rock thrower, lay dead on the Mexico side of the fence.

Some have criticized the Border Patrol, accusing the agents of using excessive force for firing on rock throwers.

Lt. Jimenez says he can't comment on that because he wasn't there.

However, he says his officers are authorized to use lethal force too.

"If there was somebody that's placing them, like I said, or another person in danger, whether it be with rocks or with firearm, they have that authority to fire their weapons to stop that threat," Jimenez says.

The FBI investigation into the incident continues.

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