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Closing golf course better than losing money

We received sad news this week as the Tucson City Council announced it would close down the scenic Fred Enke Golf Course on the east side.

The course was opened in 1983 and is one of five operated by the city.  For years, the courses were money makers - funding youth programs. 

But then the recession hit.  Fewer people were playing golf, and the resort courses became more competitive and lowered prices.

Golf was no longer self-sustaining.  The courses badly needed repairs and updates.  And the program fell millions of dollars in debt.

This is hard for many of our residents.  Fred Enke is a desert-style public course and holds many memories for Tucson families.

But getting rid of a money-losing business makes sense. It is time for the city to get out of the golf business and turn it over to private industry.  Hopefully, someone will step forward and take over the city's courses to keep these wonderful public facilities open and available to all.

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