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Walk to support victims of dog attacks

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TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

Two events in Tucson, tackled the issue of Pit Bulls.

On Saturday morning, supporters of Pit Bulls met at the Loft Cinema in Midtown. There were at least 300 people in attendance. The group was test screening the documentary "Guilty Til Proven Innocent." A film about Ohio's old breed specific law, which had banned Pit Bulls.

During the afternoon, a couple dozen people met at Lincoln Park for a victims walk. The walk on the east-side was for victims of Pit Bull Bites and other dangerous dogs. It was the first walk of it's kind.

Tamie Williams had life changing experience on August 5th 2011. Her son Zachary was attacked by a Pit Bull owned by a family friend. "The dog didn't want to be touched and I guess it lunged up and had my sons' almost entire face in his mouth," said Williams. She came all the way from Canada for the victims walk. Her son needed 50 stitches to close his face, the largest bite mark was on his cheek.

The group at The Loft, many of them owners of Pit Bulls or similar types of dogs, felt for the victims.  "Myself my heart and I think I can speak for everyone else standing hear our hearts go out to people that are victims of any dog bite," said Sara Dent a Pit Bull supporter. They just feel that their dogs are singled out too often.

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