Concussion discussion

By Dave Cooney: email

Tucson, AZ (KOLD) - "Ive taken a lot of hits before, I've played this game for awhile, it's football you're gonna take hits, it's part of the game." Thats the way Matt Scott tried to put a lid on the possiblity that he suffered a concussion on Saturday.  Will we ever know if he actually did, no.  Should we really be concerned, no.

Matt Scott's health was the obvious hot topic during Monday's weekly UA football press conference.  The fifth year senior is putting up Heisman like numbers and has the Cats in position to make a run at the Pac-12 South. So Why shouldn't we be concerned about the health and future of Arizona's best player? To be eligible to practice, players must be re-examined by the University medical staff and pass an imPACT test.  Scott was an active participant in Sunday's practice.

Coach Rich Rodriguez was visibly agitated when asked to answer repeated questions surrounding whether Scott had suffered a concussion and whether the testing was done in an appropriate manner.  Rodriguez said, "He was naseous all day, the medical staff asked the questions, he appeared fine then, after the game and yesterday during the walk through."

Clearly this is not something coach Rod wants to dwell on and it very well could have been nothing but a hard hit that jarred Scott and the medical staff took precations by keeping him out the rest of the game.  Scott did have concussion like symptoms, but from what we can see and hear it doesn't appear this is something that will sideline Scott.

Scott will continue to recieve further evalution through the week, but at this point, I see nothing that will keep the UA shotcaller from not starting Saturday at the Rose Bowl.  Continue to follow KOLD & Fox 11 for updates throughout the week.

UCLA opens as the 3pt favorite over Arizona.