Discussing Tucson's economy

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - We heard today that Tucson's economy is improving and we know the unemployment rate isdropping.

We also heard that getting more funding foreducation and speeding up job creation is a complex issue, but very doable.

The Rotary Club held the discussion withgovernment and business leaders. The leaders were asked about education,job creation and how to make metro Tucson an economic powerhouse.

All agreed educating the workforce leadsto better and higher paying jobs, especially in a state that ranks at thebottom in spending on education.

Tucson's mayor wants to build on what wehave at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base and Raytheon Missile Systems and wantsto work with the University of Arizona to turn science and technologyinnovations into jobs here.

And Jonathan Rothschild is lookingsouth to grow our business relationship with Mexico. Plus, selling Tucsonto corporations that want to do business in Mexico. They have to headquarter somewhere.

Mayor JonathanRothschild said, "We have to look at our partnership with Mexico which isreally growing a great deal and we're in the best logistic position to bringheadquarters here."

And from a business point of view, theywant the process of expanding or relocating to the Tucson area to be an easier one, from permits tozoning.

As one speaker explained, the number onereason a company moves is to make more money.

Mike Varney, President& CEO Tucson Metro Chamber said,  "Asking companies to come here because they canmake more money is open to any company. It can be a call center. It can be adefense and aerospace, biotech company. It can be any kind of a company, but theywill come where they can make money."

Joe Snell, TREO President & CEO said, "We need to start thinking of this community as one big community, regardless of where the municipal lines cross. So we've go to start thinking -- Hey, what's good for Oro Valley is definitely good for Tucson, and what's good for Tucson is good for Vail. And when we look at it holistically, we'll be able to solve these enormous challenges we face."

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