Concussion confirmation

By Dave Cooney: email

Tucson, AZ (KOLD) - There was no debate this Monday, no mystery, Matt Scott suffered a concussion and at this point he has not been medically cleared to play as of Monday.

It was just a week ago during Rich Rodriguez's weekly press conference where the UA coach dodged questions about the possiblity that Matt Scott suffered a concussion in the USC game.  A week later, UA Athletic Director Greg Byrne who accompanied Rich Rod at the podium, opened the press conference by tackling the issue head on. " I have spoken with Matt and he has allowed me to share a few details of the otherwise private information.  For the UCLA game, Matt did suffer a concussion during the game." Byrne said.

Byrne and Rodriguez also revealed that the medical staff did give Scott an imPACT test last Friday which cleared him to play on Saturday.  At this point, Scott does not appear to be an active participant in practice and will be continually monitored and tested throughout the week.

The nature of this press conference and the details that were released regarding a players health is somewhat of a rarity since the details of team injuries are listed on a weekly injury report that comes out every Thursday.  Due to the severity of the injury in combination with the attention Scott recieves nationally, both Byrne and Rodriguez felt it was necassary to discuss this isolated case. It also served as a chance to properly inform everyone and potetentially eliminate what would have been ongoing speculation.

Here's how I see it, with this being the second consecutive week that Scott has suffered a similar head injury, I wouldn't be surprised if Scott were sidelined for the week with a winnable Colorado game at home four days away as a precautionary measure.  If there is one game where coaches would feel genuinly comfortable with back up BJ Denker getting the start, it's this one.

On the other hand, trying to predict or guage this team at any level has been a challenge all year.  Matt's Scott's toughness and recovery will also play a major factor, if he's cleared to go, you can be certain number #10 will be on the field.