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Protecting the polls on Election Day

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

Volunteers and poll watchers are out in full force across the state to make sure no one violates Arizona election laws. 

If you notice more volunteers at the polls, you are right. 

Today both Democratic and Republican parties along with various other groups have hundreds of volunteers out at the polls to help voters with any questions they have, and keep an eye out for any election day troubles. 

Election officials say intimidation and harassment at the polls does happen, and they are not taking any chances.  Volunteers taking on the job have been getting ready and training on Arizona election law. 

A team of University of Arizona law students will also join the hundreds of volunteers protecting the polls. 

The non-partisan group, Election Protection is made up of U of A law students, retired judges and attorneys, all on the lookout for any attempts to suppress voters.

They even have a hot line where they will report issues to.

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