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Problems at polling places

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TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

The Elections Office says a number of voters ran into problems at the polling place and had to use provisional ballots.  These voters were either left off the voting roster or went to the wrong polling place. 

Officials tell us each of those voters had the chance to use a provisional ballot.  There is no specific number of how many were affected, but officials say it does seem higher than normal. 

The Elections director saw the red flag and called each of the political parties, the Secretary of State and the County Attorney.  The Elections website is not showing that any of these provisional ballots have yet been counted, and could swing some results one way or another. 

Overall the number of people who voted is much lower this year than in the past two presidential elections; in 2004 – 369,000 voted, 82 percent; in 2008 – 397,000 voted, 80 percent; and in 2012 – 297,000 voted, 60 percent.  This is significantly fewer ballots cast than four years ago.

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