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Rescuers and medics prepare for worst case scenarios

They're the ones who come to save you when the unthinkable happens.  And they have to be prepared for the worst of the worst.

Wednesday afternoon Pima County Search and Rescue Crews along with the Pima Regional Swat medics conducted a joint training mission.

"We had a scenario that a bicyclist was intoxicated and rolled off the bridge here in the Marsh Station trail area," said Sergeant George Economidas with the Pima County Sheriff's Department.

The scenario included the rescuers repelling 80 feet from the Marsh Station bridge.

"Eventually in the future we are thinking about doing some missions together. If we ever need to cross train each other, as far as a rescue mission compared to a tactical mission, that won't be the first time we have ever worked together," said Adam Jarrold a medic with the Pima Regional Swat team.

They say the key is planning. The rescue mission was comprised of two components: Safely getting the rescuers over the edge and then giving medical care to the victim.

"The Search and Rescue guys are really good. It's their job to go out and deal with stuff like this, people falling off a bridge, people getting lost out in the mountains, stuff like that. The Swat team we are more dealing with the tactical scenarios. If people are barricaded inside a house, stuff like that," said Jarrold.

But both agencies agree, you can never be too prepared.

"Most of the calls turn out with a very favorable outcome, very few mistakes made, however, it's because of training.  We have to train to keep our skills up, our thought process up and so forth," said Sgt. Economidas.

Search and Rescue crews tell me they conduct these training exercises several times a year.

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