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Hereford man flies flag upside down after elections

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A Cochise County man has been flying the United States flag upside down on his property since the Presidential elections.

Jim Hart said he was very depressed after the elections, and felt that the country was in dire straits.  After a lot of thought, he decided to make the bold statement and fly his flag upside down, as a sign of distress.

According to flag etiquette, the flag should never be flown upside down, unless the country is in an emergency, or to signal distress.  Hart said he felt that was the case, after President Obama won re-election.

Seeing the flag upside down had many residents who drove by Hart's home very upset. 

War Veteran Randy Lamotte, who lived right next door to Hart found it distasteful, and was shocked when he saw the sight.

"I wanted to cry or I wanted to fight. I'm a 100% disabled veteran and that right there is a slap in the face to any veteran who served in this country," said Lamotte.
Hart feels he is exercising his constitutional right of freedom of speech.
"It took a lot of me putting myself out there," said Hart.
Lamotte felt nothing justified flying the nations flag upside down.
"I don't care if it's legal.. I don't care if it's right. Just don't do it in front of me." said Lamotte.

He added that he too voted for Mitt Romney and was disappointed with the election results.
"Get over it.  This country allows us to lose.  The president is the president. We'll get it back together," said Lamotte.
Hart is not the only one.  Throughout the country, many have been displaying their disappointment and anger over the election results by using the most obvious symbol of America.  The flag.  A symbol of freedom, drawing strong emotions from both sides that have one thing in common.  Their love for their country.
"Its definitely not patriotic. Go live somewhere you're not free then see what you've got.  There's another way of doing things. It's called another election," said Lamotte.
Hart said he did not mean to disrespect anyone, but he plans to fly his flag upside down until he feels the country is in better shape.
"I'm just an ordinary American who's afraid of the country going in the wrong direction this is my way of making that statement," said Hart.
He added that many people were stopping by his home and threatening to correct the flag to the right side up in the middle of the night.  Others threatened to take it down completely.  Hart said he had plenty of flags, and would just put one up again, if anyone removed his.
Several neighbors we spoke to did support Hart's display of disappointment and frustration, but the declined to talk to us on camera.
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