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Plastic bags could be banned in Tucson if consumption isn't reduced

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

Paper or plastic may no longer be an option if customers don't change their habits. The City of Tucson could ultimately ban plastic bags.

It's the latest controversy of paper versus plastic. The issue -- the mayor and council's "Plastic Bag Working Group" wants to cut the use of plastic bags in half and increase recycling of the bags by 30%.

If that doesn't happen by March 2015, the City Council will put their heads together and discuss the possibility of banning plastic bags.

Other cities around the nation such as L.A., Seattle, and San Francisco have seen similar bans.

Today, we spoke with the manager at Food Conspiracy Co-op on Fourth Avenue. Her store has already gone green offering only paper bags. She says customers have adapted very well.

"Our customers are trained. They know it's better for the environment to bring their own bags and most of them do. That's what I see around town as well, not just our store," said Kelly Krine, a general manager at the co-op.

"Personally I like the convenience of the plastic bag. It's easy for me to carry the groceries into the house. But, I do understand the dilemma the plastic causes," said Bob Dillon.

Loretta Martin, a Tucson resident, said, "Normally I use the reusable bags. So it wouldn't be a hardship on me. And I think everyone should be gearing toward more reusable kind of things."

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