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Gigli Pasta from North Fattoria Italiana

Gigli Pasta 

Gigli Pasta        5oz. 

Pasta Water     2oz. 

Butter             2oz. 

Kosher Salt      1 Pinch 

Lemon Juice    .5 floz. 

Basil Pesto        2 floz. 

Parmesan         1.5 tbsp 

Fried Capers      1 tbsp 

Pine Nuts         1 tbsp 


1. Drop the pasta in salted water and cook until tender (approximately 4 minutes). 

2. While the pasta is cooking start the sauce by combing water, butter and salt in a small saute pan and reduce to emulsify. Once the pasta is tender add to saute pan. 

3. Next add the lemon juice, pesto and half the cheese and toss together to coat each noodle. 

4. Place pasta in center of a pasta bowl, finish with crispy capers, pine nuts and remaining cheese.


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