Ventana Medical Systems on the leading edge of cancer research

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - The cutting edge of cancer technology is right here in Southern Arizona.  Ventana Medical Systems is leading the pack in how doctors find prostate cancer.

Its technology company, one of the areas the company focuses on is cancer diagnosis, and today we are talking about prostate cancer.

In the past seven years, there have been bigger advancements than in the previous seventy, with Ventana on the frontlines.

Before the technology was very simple; so was the doctor's understanding of the disease, but now we are learning that there are different forms of cancer.  Some are more aggressive and require more treatment.  Doctors would take a biopsy and guess which was which, but Ventana's groundbreaking work is making it easier for doctors and patients to know what they are dealing with.

"You can get down to the genetic information and see what's really different about two people's different cancers even though they look very similar," said Dr. Patrick Brunhoeber, MD, a pathologist with Ventana Medical Systems.

Stay with Tucson News Now, at 4 p.m. to learn more about this new research, what each of the tests look like, and how it is being used here in Tucson.  Then stick around for the broadcast at 6 p.m. and see live a prostate cancer event, where Ventana will be talking about diagnosing the disease and treatment.

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