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TUSD meeting for budget discussion today

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

Today the TUSD Governing Board is having their meeting. 

Choosing a plan to bridge a possible $17 million budget deficit remains on the table.  As you may remember TUSD has been holding open houses since August.  At these public meetings the district has presented different scenarios to their budget problem. 

Each scenario involves closing down schools, making cuts to administration and other services.  Over 5,000 responses have poured in from the community through these meetings and online surveys. 

District officials say scenario three has been the most picked; this scenario includes the highest cuts and closures of schools. 

District spokeswoman Cara Rene says tough decisions have to be made and hopes the board will approve a plan today.  If the board does this they could present a list of possible schools closing down later today.     

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