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Whooping cough vaccine for healthcare workers

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

Hundreds of infants are hospitalized each year in Arizona for a disease some think can be prevented.  They are talking about whooping cough and want every health care worker in the state to be vaccinated.

The technical name for it is Pertussis, but everyone has heard it called the whooping cough, but it is also nicknamed the ‘100-day' cough. 

It's a bad infection and it has made some adults cough hard enough to break ribs. 

There have been more than 800 Arizona children taken to the hospital with Pertussis this year.  The ones who are sickest or in the hospital longest are the one too young to be vaccinated.  The solution is called cocooning. 

Vaccinate everyone around the children to keep them healthier.  There's a group called Arizona Partners Against Pertussis, they want every single health care worker to get the vaccine, called T-DAP. 

One official from UAMC who spoke with Tucson News Now says it makes a lot of sense, and it's possible to do.  He says most already get the flu shot.

Healthcare workers are twice as likely as others to get pertussis, but the biggest obstacle for all adults is that many do not believe they are at risk to get the disease then pass it on.

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