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County’s new anti-smoking policy is strict, but smart

Pima County passed a tough anti-smoking policy this week.  And there are some people who aren't happy about it.   But it's a good move.

The Board of Supervisors unanimously passed the ban which means no smoking around county buildings - including the courthouse, libraries, stadiums and even the parking lots. There will not be a designated smoking area.

For the last couple of years, Pima County has been focusing on "healthy" employees.   Workers are encouraged to eat healthy, exercise more and smoke less.  It's estimated an employee who smokes costs about $18,000 more in health-care costs.

The ban takes place on Jan. 1.  The county will pay to help workers stop smoking.  If supervisors don't see a reduction in health-care costs, there is the possibility they'll look at random testing for tobacco. 

Strict - but the fact is - the risks of smoking are well documented.  This smart decision could save tax dollars and improve the health of county employees. 

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