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Marana area sees spike in vehicle break-ins

MARANA, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

Marana resident Josh Holt is cleaning out his garage today.

That's after he recently came outside and saw something terrible in front of his house in Continental Ranch. 

"Walked out and my trunk was open, my doors were open," Holt said.  "They had stolen stereo equipment out of my car, stole a couple Ipods."

That's what happened to his 2010 Dodge Challenger.

Today he drives a different Dodge sports car and vows to park it inside the garage after what happened.

"I wouldn't even the drive the car ... had the car towed to the dealership and I bought a new one," Holt said.

Sadly, this Marana resident isn't alone when it comes to vehicle break ins. Authorities are dealing with at least two dozen cases since the beginning of November.

"One of my neighbors two houses down was hit, one across the street was also hit too...took their stuff out of their car," Holt said pointing at different houses on his street.

"Well I hope there are people watching the neighborhood," says Maudie Vinci, another concerned Marana resident.  "And yeah it happens so much."

"That is true," says Marana Police Sgt. Tim Brunenkant.  "Over the last two or three weeks where we saw a trend that was happening here near Ina and I-10."

A trend that led to the arrest of 29 year old Jacob Lee Major and 22 year old Victoria Marie Gilligan.

Police say the couple fled from a traffic stop in a stolen in vehicle only to desert that vehicle and leave behind valuable evidence.

With that evidence, police were able to track the couple down at a Red Roof Inn on the northwest side.

With a search warrant in hand they discovered evidence linking the couple to nearly a dozen break-ins and at least two other stolen vehicles.

"Basically they were just breaking into cars, either the cars were unlocked, they were breaking windows, prying open doors," Brunenkant says.  "They were going in and taking personal property, Ipods, electronics, wallets, purses...whatever they could find that was of value to them."

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