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Metal theft update

This afternoon the City of Tucson got an update on metal theft programs. Metal theft has cost the city almost $120 million in just 7 months this year.

Tucson Police's Metal Theft Reduction Apprehension Plan began back in May. Since then there have been 34 arrests in connection with metal theft. The problem is, metal theft continues to be an issue. In some cases residents or businesses are not even reporting the theft.

Amber Smith from the Metro Pima Alliance gave a presentation to mayor and council. The MPA has a number of businesses that want to see metal theft stopped. The alliance would like to see tougher penalties for the thieves. This includes possible felony charges and even make the thieves pay for the damage they have caused. Which sometimes can lead to thousands of dollars in repairs.

Tomorrow, MPA will host a community event called "Put A Lock On Metal Theft." It's an event that will involve law enforcement, mayors from Pima County and local businesses. The goal is to help the community look for metal thieves and find ways to combat it.

For information on the event click on the link below.

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