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Tucson looks to expand its housing market

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

The City could green light a housing development on the west side.  More than 100 homes would be built, but the implications are much bigger.

City officials hope that more neighborhoods start popping up, and they are on their way to getting that wish. 

The area is near the Silverbell Golf Course, on the west side of Tucson, just north of Silverbell and Grant.  There are plans for 143 homes to be built on the site.

Across the country, the housing market is improving.  Builders are the most confident they have been in six and a half years.  Housing has a big impact on the economy in general.  More housing indicates more jobs and more spending. 

Today, the City of Tucson looks to approve the area on Silverbell to be developed and one official calls it evidence of local progress.

"That's a sign of health in the local home building economy that has not been very healthy for the past few years," said Albert Elias, Assistant City Manager. 

There is no word yet on if the owner, Estes Homes plans to develop the land on its own or if it plans to sell the land. 

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