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Cool image of 'cloud streets'

Source: NASA Source: NASA

For more on this story click here for NASA Earth Observatory.

Check out the cloud streets over Hudson Bay in Canada. This image was taken from a NASA satellite on November 13th.  

Cloud streets are long parallel bands of cumulus clouds.  

NASA Earth Observatory says these "form when cold air blows over warmer waters, while a warmer air layer (or temperature inversion) rests over the top of both. The comparatively warm water gives up heat and moisture to the cold air above, and columns of heated air called thermals naturally rise through the atmosphere. The temperature inversion acts like a lid. When the rising thermals hit it, they roll over and loop back on themselves, creating parallel cylinders of rotating air. As this happens, the moisture in the warm air cools and condenses into flat-bottomed, fluffy-topped cumulus clouds that line up parallel to the prevailing wind." 

cloud streets to form.

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