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More things to be thankful for in Tucson

Earlier this week we talked about five things to be thankful for this Thanksgiving week.  Today, the second five: 

          6. Jared Loughner received seven life terms and 140 years. Meanwhile Gabby Giffords is active in our community, providing inspiration to everybody around her.

          7. Thanks to the police and fire that keep us safe.  Our thoughts and prayers are with Tucson Police Sgt. Robert Carpenter as he recovers from a shooting over the weekend.

          8. Thanks to the thousands of teachers who go to work every day in Southern Arizona.  They don't get much help from our state government.  These teachers often use their own money to buy supplies and work understaffed classrooms and help our kids learn every day.

         9.  World Care, local red cross crews, and thousands of local residents who donate to help storm victims wherever and when ever they need it.  Most recently, it was Superstorm Sandy victims.

         10. We thank the hundreds of non-profits that support the needy in Tucson.  Residents and businesses continue to dig deeper to help those in need.

Thank you Tucson for giving us so many things to be thankful for this year.  Happy Thanksgiving!

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