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Black Friday Advice from Shoppers

The doors at some stores around Tucson let customers in starting at 8 p.m. Some of the folks in line were Black Friday rookies, while others were experienced.

The Target at Oracle and Roger opened at 9pm. Sara Rogers was one of the more than 600 people who waited in line.

She was actually the second person in line. Rogers arrived at the store around 7 a.m. She has been shopping on Black Friday for the past 6 years. Her first experience wasn't so pleasant.

"We went to Best Buy and some old lady kept on taking stuff out of my cart and tried to put it in her cart, I kind of freaked out and my sister she has done this 10 years now and she was like come on follow me, push, you got to be mean," said Rogers.

The University of Arizona student was on a mission for her father today. He broke his heel and saw some great deals in the paper, but he couldn't do any shopping. Sara volunteered and he had a pretty extensive list. Rogers said, "He wants to get a big screen TV, he wants to get a smaller TV for his bedroom, a nook reader and some new sheets." Her goal was to tackle the big stuff first and then get smaller items last.

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