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Expert: Cyber shoppers need to be on alert

Cyber Monday Cyber Monday

Keyboards countrywide will be clacking from now until Christmas as tech-savvy shoppers scope out the best deals online.

"So many of us don't like to go to the stores, deal with all the parking issues, standing in lines, so we're shopping online. And it can be a very safe environment as long as you put yourself in the driver's seat," said LifeLock's Tami Nealy.

Nealy said it's important to keep credit cards safety in mind when you're rushing around the web, looking for those big bargains.

"So when you're shopping online don't click on popup ads, don't click on links that are sent to you. Put yourself in the driver's seat and actually type in the URL of the website you want to go to. So, a crook may send you You click on it without realizing, you go and the storefront looks like Best Buy," she said.

Nealy said if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

"When you go to click check out of the cart, you want to see that the URL has changed to https, tells you that you're on a secure line, they've paid to have encryption data there," she said.

Big companies pay to keep you safe, so make sure you choose a legitimate online store to do your cyber shopping.

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