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Report highlights uptick in bounce house injuries

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TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

Everyone has seen one, at a birthday party, or a carnival and thought they look safe enough, but bounce houses are playing host to an astounding number of injuries for children.

Broken bones, strains and sprains, and injuries to the head and neck; these are just some of the bounce house injuries treated at UAMC, and other hospitals across the country.

That is according to a new report out today in the medical journal ‘Pediatrics'.  The report states that injuries from bounce houses and jumping castles are becoming an epidemic. 

11,300 injures in 2010 that is 30 injuries each day.  That is 15 times more than in 1995; more than a quarter of all injuries are broken bones.  The worst cases leave the child paralyzed.

The report says unlike trampolines, there are no national safety guidelines for bounce houses.

The authors of the report would recommend not allowing children five or younger on the bounce house and banning stunts, flips and somersaults.  These same authors also state they do not want to be alarmists, but say that parents must balance the risks with the benefits.

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