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Benefits of Cyber Monday felt local

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TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

It's not just for the big retailers. Cyber Monday means big sales for many local businesses as well. Many local stores have turned to the web to go global and they're hoping to cash in this holiday season. 

Online sales are the bread and butter for many local businesses and you could say today was the Black Friday for web based businesses.

"Right now we're offering free shipping. We sent out an email blast to all our loyal customers and even our website says free shipping. So," said Will Moodie, shipping manager for Got All Your Marbles

Arizona's got a lot to offer- from homegrown spices, "we grow our own chilies and have a manufacturing plant," said Jean England Neubauer, with Santa Cruz Chili and Spice Co. 

To colorful one of a kind jewelry, like interchangeable marble necklaces, rings, and bracelets. "This guy got one of our unique Lotus rings.  Each box gets marbles and polishing cloth with every piece," she said. 

Cyber Monday is a big day.  Behind the scenes at a jewelry warehouse, machines and people are working overtime to process orders.

"It will be a long day for me until Christmas.  My wife doesn't like it but gotta pay your bills," Moodie said. 

"We couldn't wait to get in here this morning and see how many orders we had. It was awesome.  It was awesome," said Lisa Stotska, Got All Your Marbles owner. 

"It was a pretty big bump for us.. 80% or so," she said. 

Even for old fashioned companies that have been around for 70 years, the world wide web has led to big huge sales.

"Not only is it Christmas and people are buying gifts but it's also time to cook," Neubauer said. 

"We're busy selling chili paste, chili powder to people making enchiladas and Christmas Tamales," she said.

Speaking of holiday shopping, make sure to mail stuff out as early as possible if you want to make sure it gets to your relatives on time.

Local First Arizona is promoting "buy local month," including a couple of Cyber Monday deals advertised here:

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