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NASA debunks 2012 Doomsday rumor in live chat

Source: NASA Source: NASA

The winter solstice is fast approaching. This is when the northern hemisphere of Earth, which is tilted on its axis, leans the furthest away from the sun as the planet continues on its orbital path around the sun. This tilt away from the sun makes the days shorter in the northern hemisphere and longer in the southern hemisphere, which is tilted towards the sun this time of year. The tilt is also responsible for seasons. Longer days and more direct sunlight bring on the warmer temperatures of summer. While the northern hemisphere enters into winter, the southern hemisphere enjoys summer. This year the solstice occurs at 4:12 AM (Arizona time) on Friday, December 21st.  

This year a popular Internet rumor predicts the end of the world. There are different versions of the rumor including an end to the Mayan calendar and a fictional planet hitting Earth and destroying it. These are simply rumors that are quickly debunked by scientists at NASA.

On Wednesday NASA will host a live social media discussion about the rumors. The panel of experts includes:

- David Morrison, astrobiologist from NASA's Ames Research Center
- Don Yeomans, asteroid scientist from NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory
- Mitzi Adams, solar/archaeoastronomer from NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center
- Lika Guhathakurta, heliophysicist from NASA Headquarters
- Paul Hertz, astrophysicist from NASA Headquarters
- Andrew Fraknoi, science educator from Foothill College in Los Altos Hills, Calif.

NASA says "Followers on Twitter may ask a question in advance of or during the event using the hashtag #askNASA. On NASA Facebook and Google+, a comment thread will open for questions on the morning of the event. To join the hangout, visit this link on the date of the event or visit NASA's Google+ page at

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