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Shortage of toys for those in need

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TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

With 26 days left until Christmas, there's reason for concern. The toys just aren't coming in as fast as they usually do, check out these numbers: 56,000= The number of toys Salvation Army officials hope to collect this season.

How many do they have today?  Just 500. They have a very long way to go to meet the needs in our community..

Angel trees are set up in every shopping mall and Peter Piper Pizza in the community. They also have one inside the Salvation Army building on Richey Street.

You can exchange a tag for a toy. The Salvation Army usually caps the number of applications at about 1,600, but each one can have multiple children listed. They have 10,000 children on the list.

To give you some perspective, the number of children served by the Salvation Army could almost fill up all the seats at the Kino Sports Complex.

"These families have been registered, to give them toys is almost a promise.  They're going to get these toys the week before Christmas and not being able to fulfill that need. That's heartbreaking," said Ashley Lueders. 

Toys for Tots serves more than 50 charities in the area. One of them is Miracle on 31st Street, you may recognize them by their huge bus. It started 42 years ago when founder Ramon Gonzales decided to throw a Christmas party at his house on the south side with a little over a $100 in his pocket. Now of course they have quite a bit.

The charity relies on donations from the community and from the Toys for Tots organization to help kids in need. Their goal is to get 12,000 toys this year.

So far, they have 100 toys. That's it. Volunteers are starting to very concerned. They just don't want to say no to any child.

"Last year kids were lining up at 3 AM for toys.. it was pretty crazy. Our biggest fear is we'll have no toys," said Armando Duarte, VP of Miracle on 31st St.

To get more information on where you can drop off your toys follow these links:

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