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Time running out to make tax credit donation to school

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

In this last month of the year, time is ticking to make tax credit donations to local schools. That's money people get directly back as a tax reduction and it's a way people can support all those activities outside the classroom.

Individuals can donate up to $200, couples can donate $400.

And while this has to be designated to a school, for other than regular classroom spending, helping outside the class frees up more money for inside the class.

Lack of funds for Tucson Unified School District is causing the board to look at closing schools like Maxwell.

"All my friends and I, we're like real sad and disappointed because we only have one more year here," said Angel Tarin, Maxwell seventh grader.

But that move does not keep Angel Tarin's mother Cathy from considering a tax credit donation to after school activities, since Angel plays volleyball and is in the student senate.

"If it means helping with after school activities, that's even more of a plus because children need something other than just the basic Monday through Friday, come to school and then go home," said Cathy Tarin, Maxwell parent.

"You ask a kid after they graduate 20 years from now what they remember, field trips come up first," said Nic Clement," Flowing Wells District superintendent.  

Clement says his district's about $5,000 under what it received last year, but hopes donors will come through in December. The donations have to be for a specific school and go to activities outside the classroom.

But Clement says that still has an effect in class.

"Even though you can't directly use it for salaries for teachers, it does free up money that could be used for salaries," said Nic Clement.

While many TUSD parents still want to keep their schools open, Cathy Tarin still considers donating to school a worthy move.

"Because if it's not Maxwell, whatever school she's going to go to, if I could I would donate and help it out," said Cathy Tarin.

"That would actually be really awesome," said Angel Tarin.

Clement says while a school must be designated, at least in Flowing Wells, people can ask the district to find the school that needs it most.

Find a district you want to donate here: 

Flowing Wells http://www.flowingwellsschools.org/index.cfm?pID=196

TUSD http://www.tusd1.org/contents/distinfo/aztaxcredit/about.asp

Amphi  http://www.amphi.com/district/amphi-news/tax-credit-info.aspx

Sunnyside  http://www.susd12.org/tax-credit

Marana  http://www.maranausd.org/index.aspx?NID=4994

Catalina Foothills  http://www.cfsd16.org/public/_community/CommMain.aspx?pg=comm_tax.htm

Tanque Verde  http://tanqueverdeschools.3dcartstores.com/Tax-Credit-Donation----_c_12.html

Vail http://www.vail.k12.az.us/about/tax-credit-information/

Sahuarita http://sahuarita.revtrak.net/tek9.asp?pg=tax_credit_dona&

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