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Holiday shoppers finding ways around shipping fees

NOGALES, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

Holiday shoppers are finding ways around shipping fees and Nogales business is making the most of it.

Patricia Rodriguez has been working for Correo Federal for about eight years. In that time she says the shipping and receiving company has grown tremendously.

"Our clientele is everybody from the little old lady three blocks away to a professor in Mexico City." she said. 

In the last few years business has grown about 40 percent, from clients to package pick ups.

She says the majority of her customers are Mexican nationals who use the service to guarantee they get the delivery.

"If its held in customs and you're not told about it, weeks could go by.  Its easier for me to receive it here, check it in, let them know I have their boxes and we'll proceed from there," she said. 

Here's how it works: Correo Federal gets the package, repacks it, takes it to customs and then its on its way.

Or for people like Lucia Juerez who lives in Sonora, Nogales they just pick it up. Today she picked up a TV she bought online.

She says the chances of her getting the TV in Mexico would have never happened, especially since she rents her home.

And although she has to pay for the service she says it's well worth it.

"The convenience the cost of the goods.  Where this television here is $400 in Mexico its up to $900," she said. 

It's a risk and they don't want to take a risk, they've already invested in the product and now they have to see if they are going to get it, its not worth it to them." Rodriguez said. 

Rodriguez says the convenience and popularity of online shopping has really help the business.

She says they get about 100 boxes a day and just a couple of years ago it used to be 50 boxes a week.

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