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Dance teacher arrested for alleged relationship with minor

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

A teacher was arrested at Sahuaro High School for an alleged inappropriate relationship with a minor. 

Cara Rene, Director of Communications & Media Relations at TUSD, said that Charlie Luna,28, was an independent contracting working as a dance instructor at the high school. 

According to Tucson Police, Luna knew the 15-year-old girl through a dance studio she attends. Rene said that the girl is not a TUSD student. 

Police say Luna allegedly engaged in inappropriate sexual conduct when the girl was 14 years old.

Luna was arrested on Nov. 27 and charged with one count of sexual conduct with a minor.

Police say Luna may have had other inappropriate relationships with other students at the dance studio, so the investigation is ongoing. 

Tucson Police say that a school administrator that had become aware of Luna's relationship with the 14-year-old reporter it.

"This man did a car wash with all these girls not too long ago in their bikinis out there on a Saturday.  We as parents let them go because we don't think about things like that and now it has really taught us to take pause in what we do with our kids," said a parent of one of Luna's students. 

Luna is being held on $100,000 bond. 

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