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Fences down just in time for street fair

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

If you haven't been on Fourth Avenue in a while, get ready to see something you haven't seen in a long time. No fences.

Traffic is now moving freely through the area. The only barricades you see now are around the streetcar stops.

Businesses were promised the place would open up today and it came right down to the wire.

Folks with the Fourth Avenue business merchants were out painting markers to place booths for this weekends street fair and they say they were behind schedule because the construction didn't clear until 4 p.m. this afternoon.

Still, business reps say they're glad project managers kept their word.

"I'm hearing elation from my merchants, they're all coming outside of their stores saying they can't believe it they can breathe, there's no fencing it's a glorious day, and this weekend is going to be our big kickoff to let everybody know Fourth Avenue is back," said Kurt Tallis with the merchants association. 

Tucson News Now learned some businesses suffered a drop in sales around 20 to 40 percent or more, so this is a huge relief. The street fair kicks off on Friday.

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