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Conference offers business advice for veterans

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

Dozens of people showed up to help get and give sound business advice at the veterans conference today. Tucson Mayor Jonathan Rothschild and retired Air Force Colonel Martha McSally were in attendance. 

According to the mayor, veterans put their careers on hold as they made the military their career. Now many are struggling to get back to the jobs they left behind.

The national unemployment rate for veterans is much higher than that of civilians. McSally was the keynote speaker at the third annual veterans conference and she feels that's a shame.

"They learn a lot in the military that does translate into the real world.. many feel intimidated but they do.  They have leadership skills, discipline, hard work, excellence, they know how to do this," she said.

Locally, the Small Business Development Center counsels and trains dozens of veterans every year. They've helped many of them get the jumpstart and open up shop. Jaime Vasquez, owner of Artisan Ironworks, is one of many local success stories.

He first hand knows the struggles veterans are facing in today's job market.

"There's a lot of people getting out now, it's up to us to look after them, make sure they get employment, and mentor them," he said.

Tucson Mayor Jonathan Rothschild stopped by to offer free business advice to our veterans. His words of wisdom: "When you see trouble coming, don't wait.  Plan how you're going to respond."

Rothschild reminded veterans that they have a wealth of experience and military skills that would serve them well in the business environment. If you missed today's expo, you can call the Microbusiness Advancement Center SBDC at (520) 620-1241.

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