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Going for the warmest year on record

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Although it might not feel like it now, temperatures this year have been running warmer than average much of this year. This year we could break the all time warmest yearly average temperature on record if December remains hot.

The warmest yearly average temperature we have seen on record was set back in 1989 with a temperature of 71.4°. As of December 9th, our 2012 average temperature is 72.7°. Although this does not seem like much of a difference, this number has been generated over the past year taking into account the temperatures at every hour of every day. It will take some extreme cold to fall below the 71.4° record.

How extreme is this number? The average yearly temperature for Tucson is 69.4°.

This graphic prepared by the National Weather Service in Tucson shows the graph of the all-time record and 2012 in the month of December.

Source: National Weather Service - Tucson

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