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Salvation Army needs donations to put on Christmas dinner

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

In addition to providing beds, another big need for the Salvation Army is food.  They're already starting to plan their big Christmas meal.

This year they're expecting more crowds than ever before to show up for dinner.

They're going to start cooking in about ten days. The only problem right now is that there's just not enough food to cook.

The annual Salvation Army Christmas dinner takes place at the Tucson Convention Center every year. They're expecting to feed a crowd of 4,000 people this year. It's one of the biggest projects the Salvation Army undertakes.

In addition to those who will be sitting at the tables and eating, the Salvation Army also delivers Christmas meals to those who are homebound and they hand out hundreds of free turkeys to families in need.

"Not everybody who comes is financially in need, but they can also be emotionally in need and socially in need as well. A lot of people are alone on Thanksgiving and Christmas and we don't want them to be alone," said Salvation Army Corp. Officer Major Edward Markham.

It's going to take a lot to feed all the people. 

The Salvation Army is desperately in need of at least 1600 turkeys, 500 pies, 30 dozen eggs, 100 pounds of flour, 30 pounds of onions and 110 loaves of bread, 140 dozen rolls, potatoes, vegetables, and butter to make the meal happen.

They also need about 400 volunteers, especially for the clean up crew.

If you'd like to help, contact Tucson Salvation Army at (520) 795-9671.

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