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Day 2 of Operation Deep Freeze

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

Get ready for a cold night! Temperatures are plunging below the freezing mark tonight. The Salvation Army has opened up it's emergency shelters for those in need of shelter.

Day 2 of Operation Deep Freeze now in effect throughout Tucson.

A total of more than a 100 people are staying in local emergency shelters tonight. It is expected to dip below freezing tonight.

The city's homeless lined up to reserve their mat on this cold winter night. Homeless veteran Kevin Rich was here last night. "Tonight is butt nugget cold," he said.

Even a mat and blanket are a luxury for these homeless.

"I've spent many a night out in the cold, park bathrooms. It's crazy. People just come up on you, you can't rest," said Christopher Ruiz, Operation Deep Freeze client.

This story was meant to cover Operation Deep Freeze but what we saw was warm hearts and generous donations coming in from Tucson residents who care.

One woman stopped by to drop of hats she knitted for the homeless. "It's my way of giving back.  I just sit there and I knit," said Diane Fields.

There were ladies who stopped by the shelter to pass out homemade snacks and socks for the homeless.

They even knew many of the homeless by first name. "We do it because these guys are sweet.. and very appreciative," said Ruth Reneer.

The acts of generosity surprised many of the homeless, who say they don't see much kindness in the world.

"To me it means the world, to get food and a warm place to sleep, it means the world," said Christopher Ruiz.

There are rules around here.

"We just want to make sure they're clean and sober when they come in and not under the influence," said Salvation Army Corp. Officer Major Edward Markham.

Rules that mean a peaceful night sleep for everyone.

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