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More pleas to keep TUSD schools open

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TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

The auditorium was nearly full at Catalina Magnet High School Monday night, with anywhere from 175 to 200 people at Tucson Unified School District's second public hearing on school closures.

The overall message was, "Don't close my school."  And many explained that they didn't know where they would be without their school.

The board heard a speaker from each school one by one, and gave preference to speakers who filled out a card at Saturday's hearing but didn't get the chance to take the podium. 

As with previous meetings, each school stood up when one of their own spoke.  Sometimes even the mascot, such as the Townsend Tiger, would join the speaker at the podium. 

Students made the case for what their school not only means to them, but what it has done for them that no other place could do.

"I feel like the school should stay open because it helped me through a lot because I was in English class and now I'm in advanced classes and I have teachers who help me out," said Townsend 8th grader Angelique Ntirampeba.

"It's given me the courage and strength and confidence to give me the actual education that I need to prosper as a high school student and receive my diploma," said Howenstine High School junior Areya Roadman.

People can still weigh in through email and other methods.  (Click Here) for a link to TUSD's comments forum.

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