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How healthy is Arizona?

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

A new health report is out and Arizona's ranking is up compared to last year.  Several groups put the study together; they looked at a few dozen factors from public policy to community factors, like diabetes, smoking and active lifestyle.

Arizona ranked 25 overall, up a few spots from last year. The state graded well in cardiovascular and cancer deaths, and had a relatively low rate for obesity and preventable hospital stays.

Health officials say they will keep encouraging physical activity, which can help across the board. 

However, when it comes to children, Arizona did not fare so well.

Low scores in childhood poverty, one in four children in Arizona live in poverty; and graduation rates for students, less than three-quarters who reach ninth grade finish high school. 

Experts say both factors correlate with overall health. 

The healthiest state on the list was Vermont; while the unhealthiest states were Arkansas, Louisiana, and Mississippi.

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