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Midtown town hall meeting to address burglaries

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TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

Tucson Police are seeing an unusual spike in burglaries in the midtown area. Officers have seen a rise up more than 40 incidents compared to last year.

And tonight they met with residents to talk about ways to protect themselves.

Tonight officers talked about some unique measures, even pleasantly greeting suspicious people.

"I was gone with my grandchildren for lunch and when we came home, we found someone had thrown a rock through my sliding glass door," said Marilyn Murray.

Marilyn Murray has been a victim before, but this time burglars took something very special.

"They took my wedding engagement ring," she said.

Tonight Tucson Police told midtown residents thieves are striking now more than ever, especially in neighborhoods surrounding the university.

"A lot of these locations that were broken into are rental properties and it's mostly UA students who are living there."

Police say many incidents are crimes of opportunity, where thieves get through open doors and windows.

"I like my bushes all up, I like that whole desert effect, so do the bad people."

Crime Prevention Expert Rebecca Noel told residents to make the front of their houses as visible as possible, so neighbors can see if a stranger is approaching their home.

She also offered another unique tip, looking would be burglars in the eye.

"Look at them and go, 'hi how are ya, good to see ya.'  You'll see them go 'oh she's looking at me' and half the time they'll start the car and drive away," she said. 

"I should be the typical old lady that's looking out the window and telling everybody when and what I was watching on television when I saw it happen, but I'm not," she said.

Murray says she'll look into home security measures, but the fear of another crook crashing through her home is still there. "As I was leaving tonight, I thought, 'are they going to break in while I'm gone tonight?'"

To form a neighborhood block watch, you need at least 20 of your neighbors on board.

The expert at tonight's meeting says if you need help getting that support she can be reached through the Tucson Police Department.

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