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Sticker Shock for underage drinkers

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

A local youth group has launched a campaign to curb underage drinking. The goal is to spread "sticker shock" waves throughout Tucson.

They're hoping to spread their message one business at a time.

The Super Carneceria store on the southwest side is the first one to jump on board. You're going to see posters saying, "Warning. It's wrong to buy for the little guys. Not to mention, illegal as well." 

They are also putting stickers on beer bottles, without covering the barcodes or labels. The stickers were designed by children and are a warning for adults.

"Because the beer messes with the brain and starts making them do crazy stuff," said Gilbert Vazquez, with Blue Tigers Leadership Group.

"It will mess up brain cells because brain cells aren't fully developed until they're 23 or 25," said Noel Lopez, with Blue Tigers Leadership Group.

They're posting the message loud and clear on the front door and in the beer case.

"The youth are saying they do receive, get alcohol from adults in the community," said Mayra Ramos, and alcohol and drug prevention trainer.

And they've got the numbers to back it up. According to the recent Arizona youth survey, alcohol, drugs and prescription pills are most used and abused by kids with alcohol topping the list.

And even more disturbing than that, more than 30 percent of kids say they got their first taste of booze  in eighth grade. Efforts like this one are teaching kids to say no.

"If someone were to offer you alcohol what would you say?  No thank you.  I'm not of legal age," said Lopez.

Now these kids want you the adults to say "no."

The Community Partnership of Southern Arizona is urging other businesses to jump on board and join this sticker shock campaign.

You can get more information by contacting CODAC Behavioral Health Services. The sticker shock campaign was first launched by youth in Maine. 

The public awareness campaign is sponsored by Liberty Partnership Kino Neighborhoods Council.

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