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TUSD still against MAS as core curriculum

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

The TUSD governing board has approved a plan that a federal judge will review and refine to help TUSD prove to the federal government that all TUSD students receive the same opportunities. 

The board also approved its objections to a few parts of that proposal.  One of those continues to be bringing back Mexican American Studies as core curriculum.

The fallout from the district ending MAS under pressure of losing state funding, has lasted more than a year and a half.  

Tuesday night the board approved all of its objections to the desegregation plan including the one that standS against the return of MAS.  But board member Mark Stegeman made a motion to make it clear that the board was making that move.  Board members rejected that motion.

MAS supporters and others in the audience thought that meant the board was changing its position and was supporting the return of the program.  As it turned out, the board only shot down making that clarifying statement about what it was doing, and the district objection stands against MAS being core curriculum as part of a plan to end desegregation.

"I tried to work my original motion in a way that made it not obscure but the way it played out, I think it became even more obfuscated, which is unfortunate," said TUSD governing board member Mark Stegeman.

"Dr. Stegeman was moving forward with an additional objection, so sit's sort of putting an exclamation mark on a previous objection, and the board majority said, 'no, we don't want to do that,' and so that was essentially the vote. the previous objections were still part of the record," said TUSD governing board member Adelita Grijalva.

While MAS supporters are disappointed by this change of outcome, they remain hopeful.  They point out that the majority of the parties in the desegregation lawsuit support MAS as core curriculum and see the board taking on two new members next year who will support bringing back the program.

"With the new board that is going to go along with this, I see MAS returning in Fall, African American Studies coming along with this also, and being expanded to middle schools and K-12, under federal court order if TUSD ever wants to get out of this desegregation," said David Morales, an MAS supporter.

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