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Picture shows Tempe teen shortly before vanishing

This picture, posted to Facebook, shows Culolias at Cadillac Ranch the night he went missing. This picture, posted to Facebook, shows Culolias at Cadillac Ranch the night he went missing.

A sorority sister at the same bar where ASU freshman Jack Culolias was last seen snapped what is perhaps the last photo of the teen.

"I'm pretty sure it's the last photo taken of my brother," said Alex Culolias, Jack's twin brother via Skype from California.

"It shows him at the bar ordering a drink," he continued.

Alex Culolias said he hopes the pictures provides investigators with more information about what happened to his brother on Nov. 30. Tempe police say the teen was kicked out of Cadillac Ranch at Tempe Marketplace and not seen since.

"It's terrible. We're just trying to band together and get through every day. It's been very hard though," said Alex Culolias.

Alex Culolias said he is also upset at Jack Culolias' fraternity brothers.

"I am angry. I am very angry actually. How does nobody see somebody get kicked out of a bar and leave?"

Zach Kimble, who is a member of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity, said the last few days have been very tough on him and his fellow fraternity brothers.

"This last week has been really rough just knowing that a good friend of ours has been out there," he said.

CBS 5's Greg Argos asked Kimble whether anyone at the fraternity may have had anything to do with Jack Culolias' disappearance.

"Some people are saying the folks at the bar must have seen something. They must have known something. Did the fraternity brothers have anything to do with his disappearance?" asked Argos.

"No not at all. (We have) not a single thing to do with it," Kimble responded.

"The accusations are going to come and we're taking them with a grain of salt and brushing them off. We're sticking together and we're going to bring our brother and friend home," continued Kimble.

Kimble said a post on the "Bring Jack Home" Facebook group page of Jack Culolias' last ASU school essay has been especially helpful during his disappearance.

In part it reads: "I have found true friends in my fraternity. I am so proud to call myself Greek."

"I've read this about 100 times in the last day," said Kimble. "(I'm) just trying to pick me up and realizing we can't give up on Jack and we're going to find him soon. "

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