Good news for UA winter grads

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - The University of Arizona's winter graduation is just two days away.  For the 1,700 new grads about to enter the work force there is a welcome greeting.  The news is good for students and good for everyone.  Companies are bouncing back, are optimistic again.

Hiring of recent college grads is expected to go up three percent.

The office of career services here is following a trusted survey of 4,000 employers.  In the past it has been mostly large companies, but they are hesitant, waiting to see how the fiscal cliff situation is solved.

This year more small and mid-size businesses are hiring.

Advertising, marketing, human resources and finance are the biggest growing fields, likely because they were neglected during the recession.

But employers are not looking for any specific majors; they just want graduates who are flexible.

They tell the students your first few years are when you build up those soft skills that can transfer, writing, communication and teamwork, after that you can land your dream job, like being a television news reporter.

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