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Sonoita residents woke to snow on Friday

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SONOITA, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

While Tucson was getting rain, Sonoita was the place to be if you were looking for snow.

It was a snowy morning.

Folks woke up to a beautiful white Friday, but typical for southern Arizona, the sun came out and the snow started melting. Still it was a great change for a lot of folks.

"So what do think of this weather?" we asked Gary Soliere.

The Sonoita resident told us, "I love it. I love it. First snow of the season."

It might have felt really really cold for someone from Tucson, but snow on the ground in southern Arizona is a reason to get out and enjoy, whether you walk on two legs or four.

We spotted a small herd of cows walking through a snow-covered meadow.   

In fact, for some people around Sonoita, Friday was the nicest day of the week.

"It's been 18 degrees every night in Patagonia and Sonoita. So this has been a warm day so far. Just got snow is all," Patagonia resident Jeff Hisey said.

Joshua Cazares was in Sonoita making deliveries for El Rio Bakery in Tucson.

"I'm delivering tortillas and Mexican pastries right now. I didn't know that there was snow here. I'm driving from Tucson. So it's just beautiful, you know."

The picture postcard scenery has got to be a selling point for realtors, but out here, this was a day for just window shopping.

"It's a great day to drive by houses, but getting out in the snow is a little difficult, especially here in the country. Mud and that kind of stuff," said Sonoita Realtor Beth Barth.

The people who love snow the most, as always, are the children.

This was a day parents woke them up early to look out the window.

We went out to Elgin Elementary K-8 School to find out how it went.

"It doesn't snow that much here so it's kind of cool once in a while to get snow," said 6th grader Clarise Reyes.

And no surprise. See if you can spot the theme here:

"I saw it was snowing and I got really excited, and I hoped they would let us stay home from school, but they didn't," said 6th grader John Hubbell.

John wasn't the only one who wanted a snow day.

"My homeroom teacher thought that school would've been canceled also because there was a lot of snow at his house," said 8th grader Samuel Sadorf.

"So the whole school was disappointed that school wasn't canceled? We asked.

"Pretty much," said Samuel.

Once school let out though, there still was enough snow here and there for a fairly decent snowball fight.

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