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How to talk to your kids about tragedy

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TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

Today's tragedy can be especially difficult for children to absorb. Tucson News Now spoke with the director of the University of Arizona's counseling and mental health program.

Sheri Bauman advises that here in Tucson, kids may still feel distressed from the January 8th shootings. So, she encourages parents to watch for signs like trouble sleeping, trouble eating, and anxiety.

She also says kids tend to pick up cues on how to react to these tragedies, by watching the adults in their lives.

"They're gonna hear about it, but that they get most of their information from their parents and that the parents think about their own responses, if the parents are panicky and hysterical, then, it's gonna be conveyed to the children and will elevate their anxiety," she said.

Bauman adds that sticking to daily routines and activities can help children return to a sense of normalcy.    

The crisis response network has also set up a toll- free hotline for anybody who is affected by today's school shooting. That number is 1-800-203-CARE (2273).

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